The Gregorian Schola of Sydney

was founded in 1989 by Rev. William Whittle with the support and encouragement

of the then Dean of St Mary's Cathedral, Monsignor Lex Johnson,
in response to the call from many in Sydney that a group be formed to sing Gregorian Chant.

In 2013 the Schola is being led by two enthusiastic young musicians,

Bradley Gilchrist and Ellen OConnor.
Our Patron, Sr Marie Therese Levey rsj, led the schola for 20 years. 
An Executive Group exists to further the
Aims of the Schola whose vision is as follows:

“The Gregorian Schola of Sydney is a community choir of men and women, is open to all,
and is dedicated to preserving the learning of the precious traditions of Gregorian Chant,
and to bringing its practice within the Liturgical life of Sydney parishes.” 

The Schola is a community based choir and welcomes all without audition. 
We are dedicated to assisting the learning of the sacred texts and gaining familiarity with singing the Liturgy in Latin.
Most singers find that once they are singing with the group,
it is not difficult to read the Latin (English translations are given)
and that singing from four-lined notation is no more difficult than modern notation. 
All ages, including High School students, are welcome.
For those unfamiliar or unpracticed in Gregorian Chant
there is additional support from the more experienced members of the group. 
In terms of commitment, we generally operate in a cycle of four practices

to prepare for each Mass or Vespers which number around six per annum. 
This enables people to fit particular cycles into their schedules.
Practices are usually held on Thursdays from 6.30pm. See Home Page. 
Weekend Mass and/or Vespers are at various days and times. 
There is a small membership fee that covers professional music direction and administration

The Sydney based Schola comprises both women and men,
and rehearsals have a healthy social, as well as learning, aspect.
If you are interested in Gregorian Chant, and live in Sydney,

why not join the Sydney Gregorian Schola. See CONTACT US.  

If you do not live in Sydney, but would like to support us

(we need to pay for printing, promotion and direction),

donations are very acceptable. See Contact Us.